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The Fly Cup Catering

The Fly Cup Catering Ice Warning Sign


The Fly Cup Catering




Inverurie, Scotland


Our customer had very bad weather for a prolonged period of time in 2018.  Because of the nature of their business they required to stay open in order to keep raising money for charity.  Their car park was very icy and they feared for the safety of their customers.


Being the generous company that we are, we not only gave Fly Cup Catering winter provisions in the form of white de-icing salt and a hand pushed spreader, but we also generously donated a iCE Warning Sign which flashes automatically when the temperature falls below 2 degrees meaning that customers would be warned of the treacherous conditions and could take extra care.


iCE Warning Sign


Inverurie has experienced bad winter weather over the last few months and people have sometimes been caught out by sudden plunging temperatures and icy conditions. ❄️

Safetrade 247, just round the corner from Fly Cup in Inverurie, at Burghmuir Place, Blackhall Industrial Estate were quick to provide us with salt and a salt dispensing spreader at a discounted price.

Now going even further, @safetrade247 have generously donated and installed an Ice Warning Sign for our car park. When temperatures drop below 2 degrees centigrade, the sign will flash blue to warn our staff, visitors and trainees to take caution as there is an increased risk of ice. Thus ensuring that all those working, training or visiting Fly Cup will know when there is a risk of ice and know take extra care.

Thanks to safetrade 247 for their kind actions and looking out for their local community. 💚

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