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Harran Limited

Harran Limited KDC Store


Harran Limited


Oil & Gas


Aberdeen, Scotland


Our customer had a storage problem within his warehouse.  Products and consumables were ordered in specifically for a project but they often found themselves short with discrepancies in the stock levels.  These missing items cost the company both time and money, not to mention delaying the project completion date.


We were more than happy to supply, fully assembled stores which are both flat-pack and portable in design so aren’t fixed to one position.  They purchased four units, one for each project.  Each project manager was given their own key to their store and only they could access the stores in order to get the items within.  This meant that nothing went missing and kept security against anything going missing hence delaying the projects.  The customer is very happy with the stores and the security and segregation that they provide.  They are totally portable and can be moved around by a forklift or pallet truck at any time.


KDC Portable Store

Customer Feedback

"These containers have proven ideal and extremely fit for purpose. They are a great use of space and are very well made."
- Procurement & Materials Supervisor

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