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    Fentex Chemical Spill Kits (90L-360L)

    Fentex Chemical Spill Kits (90L-360L)

    Price £69.92 (ex. VAT)
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    Delivered in 5 working days within UK Delivery from 13/08/2022
    Product Code: STCSK
    Key Features
    • Range of chemical spill kits with capacities up to 360 litres
    • Intended for areas where large volumes of hazardous liquids present spill risks
    • Every kit comes with absorbent socks and pads to help effectively soak up any spillages
    • Highly mobile - ideal for quick reaction to incidents around the site
    • Available as a robust clip-top or wheeled bin (depending on model)
    • Disposal bags included with every kit for easy waste segregation
    • Will also absorb non-aggresive liquids
    • Additional absorbents can be purchased separately
    • Not for use on oxidisers
    • Quickly absorbs harmful substances and prevents environmental contamination
    • Great alternative to granular material that can cause further contamination
    • Contributes to a safe & clean working environment

    Reliably soak up hazardous liquids with Fentex chemical spill kits. Available in capacities of up to 360 litres, they are designed for safely cleaning up spillages of strong chemicals including acids, caustics, alkalis and solvents.

    Their form factor allows quick reponse to medium and large volume spills around factories, workshops, garages, warehouses and food production facilities and helps protect the environment and workplace from further contamination. The strong wicking action of included absorbents quickly draws chemicals in, making full use of each pad.

    We also offer spill kits with absorbents suitable for general use, oils & fuels, as well as environmentally-friendly absorbents made from recycled natural fibres.

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    Compatible Accessories
    Fentex Chemical Spill Kit Refill Packs
    • Chemical absorbent kits suitable for acids, alkalis, solvents and other strong chemicals
    • Available in capacities of up to 360 litres
    • Manufactured in the UK
    Price £14.72 (ex. VAT)
    More information
    Fentex Chemical Absorbent Socks (Pack of 20)
    • Sold in packs of 20 for a total of 66l absorbing capacity
    • Safely absorb acid, alkali & strong chemicals
    • Place directly under leaking hoses & fittings to absorb & contain liquids
    • Strong wicking action for easy clean-up of everyday spills & leaks
    Price £27.96 (ex. VAT)
    More information
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    Fentex Chemical Spill Kits (90L-360L)

    Fentex Chemical Spill Kits (90L-360L)
    Product isn't rated yet.
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