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Endless Ratchet Straps

Endless Ratchet Straps

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We are proud to stock a very large selection of high quality ratchet and cargo straps which are stored in various distribution centres across the UK. Our straps are distributed throughout the UK by our various partners who re-sell the products on our behalf.  We are constantly looking for further distribution partners throughout the UK so if you would like to become one of the newest 24 7 partners then please get in touch!

These SafeStrap endless ratchet straps are the perfect option if you need to bind loose items of cargo together or keep all your goods safe and secure on their pallets. When it comes to finding the right model, you have a choice of either 35mm or 50mm strapping widths, with 4 or 5-metre lashing lengths also available to suit the size of your cargo. These heavy-duty endless ratchet straps have an extra hard-wearing design, so you’ll find them much more robust than certain cheaper models available on the market. Made from ultra-durable 100% polyester, they have a very low stretch rate and stand up well to abrasion, so you won’t ever have to worry about them snapping or any items of cargo working loose. 

These particular ratchet straps are really easy to use, with no operational training required and are ideal for busy pallet-based businesses. Simply feed the webbing through your pallet and across your cargo from front to back, then run the loose end back through the ratchet, and tighten. When you’re ready to unload, the ratchet strap is simple to remove as well – just press the release catch and unthread the webbing.

Key Features
  • 35mm & 50mm strapping widths
  • Heavy duty ratchet straps not to be confused with other cheaper standard ratchets on the market
  • Strong and hard wearing design
  • Made from strong durable 100% polyester material
  • Ideal for all restraint applications including: haulage, agricultural and industrial use
  • Easily tightened and un-tightened with minimal effort
  • No operational training required prior to use however larger load restraining may require training
Heavy Duty Ratchet Rewinder
Price £14.95 (ex. VAT)

Removable ratchet rewinder for trucks and trailers


  • Suitable for straps up to a maximum width of 50mm
  • Rewinds lashing straps in a matter of seconds, saving time and wear
  • Quick release attachment to vehicle or trailer side rave
  • Saves time and wear of the straps
  • Low maintenance
More Info
Red (colours for illustration purposes only and may vary)
High quality 100% polyester webbing
BS EN 12195-2:2001
4000kg (35mm) & 8000kg (50mm)
2000kg (35mm) & 4000kg (50mm)
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Endless Ratchet Straps

Endless Ratchet Straps
Product isn't rated yet.
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Endless Ratchet Straps
Price £10.50 (ex. VAT)

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