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    Fentex Bulk Loose Industrial Absorbent Granules

    Fentex Bulk Loose Industrial Absorbent Granules

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    Product Code: ST
    Delivery: Delivered in 5 working days within UK from 17/04/2024
    Key Features
    • Absorbent granules and fibres suitable for commercial applications
    • Effective solution for fuel, chemical and liquid spills of all sizes
    • Offers easy way of dealing with spills and leaks on-site
    • Fireproof and fire retardant options available
    • Eco-friendly and biodegradable options available
    • Can be used with our range of absorbent dispensers and mobile dispensers
    • Made in Britain

    Loose absorbent granules offer an effective way of dealing with spills and leaks of all shapes and sizes. They are ideal for quick and safe clean-up of liquids, oils, fuels and other chemicals.

    Save money and order your granular absorbents in bulk with Safetrade 247 palletised delivery. Our selection of industrial-grade Fentex products is suitable for both commercial and healthcare facilities, including warehouses, hospitals, workshops, and many more.

    Choose from the following types of absorbents:

    • New Safety Trade Industrial Absorbent - A loose granular absorbent made from 100% natural calcined moler earth. It's resistant to abrasion and offers good performance with acids, alkalis and viscous solutions. It's also both fireproof and certified for use in high-traffic areas. Sold in bags of 30L.
    • Multi-Zorb Hard Clay Granules - A strong industrial absorbent that leaves surfaces safe, clean and dry after absorption. It does not decompose after absorption and emits very little dust when used. It works best with most liquids (except acids) and is resistant to abrasion. Sold in bags of 20L.
    • EVO-DRI Recycled Gypsum Granules - An eco-friendly, British-made industrial absorbent comprised of 100% recycled gypsum granules. It's extremely lightweight, fireproof and harmless to humans, animals and plants. Sold in bags of 20L.
    • E-Sorb Fire Retardant Wood Fibre - Made in Britain from recycled wood fibre, this fire retardant absorbent particulate is designed for use on industrial spillages and general clean-up duties. It's easy to handle and absorbs liquids quickly and easily. Sold in bags of 30L and 80L.
    • Elcef Fibre Biodegradable Oil Selective - Made of recycled cellulose fibres, this absorbent is natural, non-toxic and lightweight. It acts instantly and is suitable for absorbing chemicals and oil based liquids on both land and water. Sold in bags of 20L, 40L and 80L.
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    Fentex Bulk Loose Industrial Absorbent Granules

    Fentex Bulk Loose Industrial Absorbent Granules
    Product isn't rated yet.
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