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Bredero Shaw


Bredero Shaw




Ellon, Scotland


Our customer had a manual handling problem manoeuvring gas bottles around his site.  They regularly struggled lifting them from pallets onto the rear end of welding machines or onto gas quads.  To do this by hand was a two person job to be on the safe side.


We designed a gas handling trolley which we have since introduced into our standard product range that simply removes the hazards involved with moving or lifting gas bottles to and from pallets or other heights.  The trolley is completely operational by one single person, meaning that time can be spent elsewhere with more important jobs.  The bottles are secured onto the trolley using the securing chain and lifted into place using out unique trombone sliding mechanism.  Another problem solved!

Customer Feedback

"Trombone cylinder trolley allows the height issue to be resolved by mechanical means.  Cylinders can be collected, transported and installed without heavy lifting, and minimal manual handling, substantially risking the manual handling and dropped cylinders risks.  Very positive and innovative solution to a common problem." - HSE Co-Ordinator